Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Ballet Dying?

I started this blog because I live and breathe ballet. For me, it is the most beautiful art form in existence. I have many friends who are dancers who would fervently agree with me. Why, then, is the demographic of ballet adorers so small? And why is there such a disconnect between those who love ballet, and those who are indifferent to it?

Ballet audiences today generally consist of older patrons with season tickets, dancers and dance critics, and the occasional dude trying to impress his date. Some of my non-dancer friends fondly recall donning their pink tights and tutus as 6 year olds, but their connection with the art ends there. Ballet is so esoteric for young people who aren't die-hard fans that seeing a ballet for fun is unheard of. Why can't the average person you bump into on the street have any appreciation for something many people live for?

Perhaps I'll answer these questions from my point of view in a later post, but any readers can sound their opinions off via comments.

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